Finding the “perfect” neighborhood is an important part of finding your new perfect home.  

Some questions to answer when looking for your new neighborhood are:

-Do you have kids?
-Do you want schools within walking distance?

-How far would you want to commute?
-Do you want to live in a gated-community?
-Is the crime rate low in the area?
-How far is the drive to the airport?
-Is public transport available?
-How close are you to basic amenities?
-Do you prefer a new neighborhood or a long-standing one?
-Would you like to be able to walk to nearby amenities?

Relocating and buying a new home can be stressful especially if you’re relocating to a brand new area. It’s important to be informed, do your homework and ask questions. You will find a majority of the information you’re looking for is at your fingertips. The internet is a powerful resource. However, don’t solely rely on the information found online especially in forums. Visit community websites, local police departments, schools and real estate websites. And when you’ve found the best neighborhood hire the best Realtor and Lender to guide you through the home buying process.